Kitchen Design: Tips to Consider When Purchasing Kitchen Cabinets


The kitchen is one of the most used areas in the home for Eugene, Oregon residents. Several kitchen design factors should be considered when you are purchasing cabinets for your new home or kitchen remodel, or you simply want to upgrade components in the kitchen cabinet design you currently have.
Carol Ellis, Expert Style, Color and Interior Design Consultant of Ellis Design Group, believes “One important decision for Lane County homeowners is the location of the kitchen cabinet with the trash and recycling receptacle within your kitchen design.” Trash and recycling containers do not have to be out in the public view. Cabinets with pull out receptacles can be placed in strategic locations in your kitchen design to support youR cooking style and garbage storage needs. And there can be many receptacle options for garbage, recycling, soda cans and bottles, separated all in one cabinet. The eye-sore of the garbage is hidden out of the way and any negative smells are kept from wafting around the home. These fabulous kitchen design and cabinet options are also available for existing kitchens from Rev-A-Shelf and can be installed with ease.
Another tip Carol Ellis recommends to her clients are the benefits of deep cabinet drawers for pots and pans, glass corning ware and Rubbermaid food storage containers rather then pull out shelves. Carol notes, “Have you ever counted the amount of steps it takes with pull out shelves? Take for example the cabinet that holds the pots and pans. Step one: open the doors. Step two: pull out the shelf. Step three: remove the pot and lid. Step four: push in the pull out shelf. Step five: close the doors. That is five steps that need to be made. Imagine now that you forgot to get the lid!”
Carol believes that cabinets with deep kitchen drawers are the best way to store pots and pans to solve this kitchen storage problem: you pull the drawer out, grab your pot and close the drawer, all in three steps! If you have an existing kitchen and want to change your pull out shelves to drawers there are cabinet options available.

Before you begin your kitchen design and purchase your cabinets, Carol recommends, “Getting the advice of a professional interior design consultant to make sure the kitchen cabinet design and layout functions effectively for your garbage and recycling, storage, cooking and food preparation style.” An experienced interior designer is knowledgeable about cabinet options that support kitchen and cooking functions to meet your needs. They are also experienced in the custom, semi-custom and mass produced cabinet companies and can assist you to avoid costly design mistakes and make sure that your kitchen design project is accomplished on your timeline and meets your budget.

Carol Ellis’ approach, “She assists busy homeowners to create fabulous interior and exterior kitchen and entertaining environments that reflect their personality in the style and color choices for their home.”

Are you a homeowner who has great taste and desires a fabulous gourmet kitchen but are confused by how to pull-it-together? Are you considering a new kitchen design or a kitchen remodel and don’t know where to begin? Are you overwhelmed by too many cabinet door, counter top and backsplash and options to choose from? If so, Carol Ellis knows exactly how you feel. Contact her to share your own kitchen design struggles, ask key questions, and talk about proven SIMPLE KITCHEN DESIGN SOLUTIONS at 541-556-7620.

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